Our Mission

Radicante is a worker-owned cooperative that provides creative and technical services to businesses, organizations and movements. We share the knowledge and means of media production, and digital self-defense with our communities in order to strengthen our movements and aid our collective liberation.


Horizontal communication, we will like to hear your ideas, and walk you trough the process of building the multimedia tool that  best fits your needs. Website, graphic design, audio/video production, social media campaign, or the hosting of your data. We believe in the potential of technology as a tool to transform social realities, we are here to help you to shape and build your project.


We come from a variety of places, social movements and experiences. Our name comes from Nicolas Bourriaud's concept of "the radicant." Radicants are tangled plants like ivy that climb around surfaces, growing new roots, transforming and evolving in diverse contexts. "Radicant" people have the power to transform and evolve, translating ideas, transcoding words, transplanting behaviors, and exchanging rather than imposing.