Our Mission

Radicante is a worker-owned cooperative that provides creative and technical services to businesses, organizations and movements. We share the knowledge and means of media production, and digital self-defense with our communities in order to strengthen our movements and aid our collective liberation.

We're a Worker Cooperative!

This means we don't have a boss and behave in an egalitarian manner. We split the proceeds from our work and that also means we can charge less than some others who do what we do.

It's just a small part of the vast network of self managed economic entities with goals of global solidarity and community upliftment that we hope will soon become the dominant economic mode.


Horizontal communication, we will like to hear your ideas, and walk you trough the process of building the multimedia tool that  best fits your needs. Website, graphic design, audio/video production, social media campaign, or the hosting of your data. We believe in the potential of technology as a tool to transform social realities, we are here to help you to shape and build your project.


We come from a variety of places, social movements and experiences. Our name comes from Nicolas Bourriaud's concept of "the radicant." Radicants are tangled plants like ivy that climb around surfaces, growing new roots, transforming and evolving in diverse contexts. "Radicant" people have the power to transform and evolve, translating ideas, transcoding words, transplanting behaviors, and exchanging rather than imposing.

The crew



A community educator, originally from Mexico City, who believes in the power of community media. She is been teaching the use of free open software for communities and organizers for more than a decade, since her early involvement with the Indymedia network in Mexico, and as a former member of the Prometheus Radio Project helping dozens of collectives and organizations to gain licenses for Low Power FM radio stations all across the US.  She likes to share her skills to produce creative multimedia and create awareness around digital self-defense, loves making audio recordings that capture social movements, landscapes, and community voices. She is based in Philadelphia and currently in the staff of the US Federation of Worker Cooperatives supporting the work of cooperatives led by immigrants in the US.

dave onion


Dave Onion has been hacking around on Drupal sites since around 2004 with the aim of helping social justice organizations maintain their own web sites as well as providing them with training and support. In between Drupal projects, Dave has spit out countless posters, graphics, newsletter and publication layouts. He's also gotten mixed up in a number of organizing efforts from housing struggles, police accountability and anti-prison efforts to the Occupy movement.


Ariel Goodman

Ariel is a Philadelphia-based media maker, educator, and y amante de la rebeldia. She currently works with young people in Philly public schoolsto create their own media that reflects their stories, communities, and perspectives on the world. With a background in radio, Ariel has worked with various media collectives in both Ecuador and the US to bring the voices from the streets of movements for social justice to the airwaves. You can listen to her work at https://soundcloud.com/aegoodma

Leana Cabral

Leana Cabral

Leana is from Rhode Island and has lived and worked in Philly for 6 years. A graduate of Spelman College, her politics were shaped by black feminist discourse. Leana was a member of activist student groups and movements in both high school and college, and her involvement in such work solidified her commitment to supporting social justice organizing and local movements.

Leana has worked for several social justice oriented youth programs, city government and is currently a consultant with Philadelphia Education Fund. She was an active member of Decarcerate PA and is a founding member of Radicante. She lives in West Philly with her partner and two-year-old.


D'Andre Jarod Smith

D’Andre lives for visual storytelling, whether it's creative video, photo or film concepts. Since graduating with his BFA In video and animation production he’s coordinated with different producers, productions, and collectives to acquire diverse range of experience. D’Andre believes that story is a universal medium that we are connected too and can also learn from.



Owen likes words. He uses them to create music, fiction and political commentary. He records himself and other people speaking them and creates stories. In the past, he said many words on the radio as a host of shows on WBRU and WPEB. He believes that oppression exists and has spent years fighting it with words, and actions, in organizations and movements from Washington state to Washington D.C.